My side of the story

Flash back to my childhood, I would pull rags out of the rag bag to make clothes for my baby and Barbie dolls. All by hand at that. 

At the end of summer prior to my 7th grade, I seat down and read the manual to the sewing machine. I pulled out a pattern and fabric.  Several hours later I had a peasant style shirt.  

Fast-forward several years later, I attended night-school while in high school taking "Tailoring and Dress Making" classes. I would cut pictures out of catalogs and make the same item in fabric of my choose.  

I have a sweet passion to be creating and really do not view it as work.  As my children grew I continue to sew for them all through school. Now I do it for my grands. 

I do alterations during the day to feed us and oh.... to help pay for the fun of sewing and it's equipment. 

I have a small booth that I place items in.  Between the booth and here on my website, every time something sells I get "giddy". 

If you have a special request, I would be happy to help you with it.